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22/11/2014: after a long summer sailing round Britain and ping ponging between shetland and scandinavia, our focus returns to Winter and to northern norway… 

18/4/2014: when life’s good it’s worth remembering.

and 1secondeveryday is one of the coolest ways of doin it…

ch ch check it out 

8/4/2014: News just in from the internets – Walter, our Austrian of the week and last-camera-standing has just posted this delicious little video bit to whet your appetites. Go on, #getafterit 


8/4/2014: The post-trip photo/video frenzy is happening. the moment you’ve all been waiting for is fast approaching. Get yer kettle brewed and your slippers on for stoke-inducing footage  by the end of the day. We’ll bring the biscuits. 

Get here early so you can get a seat before zee germanz  have their towels out – “vee booked it”.



6/4/2014: So… It seems there was a saltwater leak here somewhere and the whole site was down for a bit there… We didn’t notice because we were preoccupied with real life and gettin’ after it. But fear not! We’re back from the hill now, tool kit out, WD40 and duck tape ready… We’ll be right back at ya, cleopatra, so watch this space.

5/4/2014: Häh? Where’d the site go? Whatthe____? Kind of embarassing, eh. Just have to start again i suppose… “please listen to this awful hold music while we try to connect”

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