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What is it like to live on a 44′ yacht?

A yacht is much like a fancy caravan or small apartment – we’ll be in the middle of nowhere, but have conveniences like toilets, showers, heating, and kitchen with us. Plus, with Linn aboard as cook we’ll be returning from our hard won fresh tracks to a literal boat load of calories to fuel up on.

Life aboard is fairly compact, so bear that in mind when packing.

Cabins are all shared doubles – which will ensure there’s no lack of bromance.



What is an aurora borealis and will we have to do that?

Aurora Borealis, nordlysene, or the northern lights… These are a fantastic sky-disco we may organise when stoke levels get high enough. Best enjoyed with chums, hot chocolate, and tripped out euro house music blasting through the deck speakers. Also available most any time you can see a dark sky without mountains and clouds in the way.


wake up under snow covered decks

What do I need to bring?

Your snow wear can double perfectly as sailing waterproofs. Bring your usual splitting gear – hardware, avi pack (transceiver, shovel, and probe are mandatory), maybe some extra warm wear – a thick fleece and some spare gloves & warm socks are never a bad idea. A decent sleeping bag. Simple rubber welly boots are perfect for dinghy to beach transfers, and slippers are hand for the evenings.


Who else will be with us?

Bookings are open to anyone competent and confident in a remote mountain environment. You can book individually or as a group of friends, given space. Expect to ride with a collection of new comrades from the different snow coated countries of the world. Talents and fitness will naturally vary somewhat, but the aim is to give everyone the chance to stretch their legs in new territory whether at the end of a 100 day season or as your only pow turns of the year.

We have six spots per week and are happy to open up extra weeks if people are interested. Skipper Rory will be showing you the ropes with cook Linn looking after all our refuelling needs. Between us we speak Norwegian, english, german, and spanish, as well as being well versed in the art of rapid hand signals and pointing at what we’re doing – if you don’t sprechen one of those språk.

What kind of rider are you?

Sail to shred is tailored to suit independently capable splitboarders comfortable with their equipment and with the decision making process which surrounds touring in the backcountry – don’t expect us to put your skins on for you. Before booking, ask yourself can you skin up around 1000m in a day? Do you know your way around an avalanche bulletin and how to operate a map?


Spray your friends on powder days

Who choses what we ride?

The group does, as a whole. Realistic route choices considering current snowpack conditions and group capabilities will be made each evening for the subsequent tours. Weather will of course dictate some of our decisions, with boat safety being our first priority but overall fun coming close second. Our remoteness from outside assistance means that line choices should be made somewhat more conservatively than when riding in resort or side country environments where helicopters and hospitals are just around the corner. This leaves us responsible to and for each other both on the mountain and aboard the yacht. Safety aboard the yacht will be explained before we sail by your experienced instructor and skipper, Rory.