imagine if you had: 

6 riders

7 nights

44 foot yacht

68 degrees north of the equator

a smorgasbord of deserted anchorages

infinite untracked lines all around you

*pretty colours dancing in the night sky above*

strap in right on the sand

strap in right on the sand

So, as it turns out, planes and trains and automobiles are not the only way to get to the mountains. 

Everybody knows that a road trip with your mates and your boards is a certain kind of awesome. But what if you could get to a magical place where no roads go? Surely there would be untracked snow there, right? Right. 

Up at the top of your globe is Norway. It’s cold enough to have snow right the way down to the beach there. I know! sounds like fun, eh?

So after some head scratching and lots of disbelief that this place could really exist, we realised this could be the promised land. There could well be unicorns  boardsliding the rainbows there.

imagine a long string of islands where daylight is plentiful and snow is all shiny and clean and just gagging for some ess-tracks all over it. And they must have all this tasty oxygenated sea-level air there… So skinning uphill should be like, waaaaay easier on the lungs, dude.


We took a motley crew of disbelieving-can-this-really-exist-fingers-crossed hopefuls, blew around up there, and scored the time of our lives. We took like a million photos to prove it. And pulled up a few sweet tasting fish for our dinner too, felt like it would be rude not to.


So now it’s your turn.

Jump aboard your floating home, we’ll slip lines and sheet the mainsail in hard. off we’ll blow on our sea-trip-not-road-trip to the snow.

Wake up under snow covered decks, buzz ashore in our tender and then strap in right on the sand.


this could be the promised land

Split your way up to the peak of your choice and then send it with your friends all the way back down again. We liked doing that part a few times over. And then when your legs can shred no more, come back aboard and load up on some of the freshly baked calories Linn has waiting for us.

Then weigh anchor and we’ll sail on to another secluded bay, surrounded on all sides by untracked delights. Crack open an ice cold can of satisfaction on the deck, and if you’re up for it, take a quick splash in the water. Then a hot shower followed by a plateload of good eating and a long night of happy snores before waking up and repeating that formula for the rest of the week.

Sound good? click here for details about joining us in 2015


What floats our boat:

A yacht is much like a floating caravan, so we’ll bring with us all of the things that make life in the wild cosier than in a tent (showers, toilets, heating, a pile of food, a cook, and the kitchen sink…).

Teaching mountain people to sail is pretty neat. Let’s do that some more. You don’t have to be a salty seadog to join us. Just being a handy splitter with a good set of legs is all.

Julie Andrews sang a whole list of her favourite things in The Sound of Music… But sharing your favourite fun with new and old chums wasn’t on there… So we’ve made it top of ours. Groups of friends or couples or individuals, anyone with a spark in there eye should be encouraged to come with us.



You might’ve though that salt water and snowflakes don’t get along. WRONG!

You’d think that salt water and snowflakes don’t get along. Wrong. they love a bit of it. Now we can extend our winter and summer seasons into each other and skip over spring entirely… Genius. Plus, jagged white mountains look great next to the smooth dark blue of the sea.


Cities and shops and even chairlifts clutter up our brains with background whitenoise. Some people (most landlubbers) don’t even notice it. But in the quiet of an otherwise empty anchorage, you’ll get what we’re on about. It’s just that there are less distractions and both your eyes and smile will be wider when you’re better able to concentrate. It’s like ‘finding yourself’ but without having to get high. And that’s really pretty neat. So are the accompanying northern lights above your head, if you look up once in a while. 


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